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Box 19


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Series 2, Sub-series 5: Journals and Notebooks

 Sub-Series — Multiple Containers

Journals and Notebooks consists of Trocchi's journal and notebooks with autograph enteries by Trocchi, arrranged chronologically by the first date noted in each journal if known

Includes notes on Shakespeare's history plays, circa 1950

 File — Box: 19, Folder: 3

Autograph, 83 pages. 4 x 6.5" bound with brown covers. S.O. Book 137

Includes "4.ix.'51 Camped outside Paris: mud, dripping water, mosquitos; & the rain. Money short as usual...The past is tight; but within broad limits the future is tight also. I meet my future through my attitudes which have a certain resilience even in the face of catastophe...I did not decide to leave the city of G. I was DECIDED....15.ix.'51. Saw Paris for the last time for how long?...Sometimes, wandering about the city during the summer, I would catch a glimpse of myself in a shop window; a longhaired ill-clad creature, unshaven, an anonymous member of the army of foreign shufflers who walk Paris streets. I could detect it too in the faces of the tourists....Leaving Glasgow, it was as tho' I had never been there at all; those that did [or] do remember me remember me [only] as a fool who wanted to write & who has since disappeared leaving no trace. Leaving Paris it is different. I want to leave but I have been there & I am remembered by a few, not as a freak, but as a serious writer....13 October 1951...away from Paris I think one can see more in perspective precisely what it means. It means a spiritual `feather-bed', a community of apparently-striving men, so that you're not alone....I'm not interested in the `atmospherics' of being a writer: I'm interested in writing; & here, stuck on a piece of wasteground with the sea on 3 sides I can't kid myself. Write, you bastard, write!" Includes note stating "Diary Abandoned", 1951 September 14-October 13

 File — Box: 19, Folder: 5