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Box 29


Contains 14 Results:

Series 2, Sub-series 6: Miscellaneous Manuscripts and Notes

 Sub-Series — Multiple Containers

Miscellaneous manuscripts and notes consists of manuscript and note fragments often arranged by Trocchi and may include additional materials beyond manuscripts and notes. Attempts have been made to maintain Trocchi's original order and folder titles if known. Folders are arranged alphabetically by title or topic

Secret History

 File — Box: 29, Folder: 2
Description 14 pages, typescript [carbon] and typescript [photocopy] mostly for The Long Book, includes drafts of poem “Beginning under the line with no title above...,” most have many autograph additions, etc.2 pages, typescript [carbon], “Sometimes it was that kind of day spent moment to moment wordless before a typewriter”4 pages, typescript and typescript [carbon], “It had happened”8 pages, typescript and typescript [carbon], The Secret History...


 File — Box: 29, Folder: 3
Description 12 page autograph, miscellaneous poetry drafts2 page autograph, draft of letter to “Bennie” (1973 November 20)10 page autograph, miscellaneous notes and drafts including on Michael X [circa 1974]3 page autograph, note “The Hospital for Evolutionary Casualties: 1974 November 159 page autograph, notes relevant to Sigma (circa 1964)1 page typescript, “Violin or Colcothar” [poem]1 page...


 File — Box: 29, Folder: 4
Description 4 pages autograph, miscellaneous manuscripts, varied contentspages 349-360 typescript [carbon], “through the holes in the cane chair,” unidentified work probably a translation2 page typescript, “A young "avant-garde" writer, Henri Pichette,” written from Paris 1950's probably for Trocchi’s Scottish newspaper column7 page typescript, “It was quite clear to me when,” concerning Sigma, IT and the Arts Lab5 page...

Trocchi, 1964 January 6

 File — Box: 29, Folder: 5

Consists of an autograph card signed, 1 page from Bob Haycock to Trocchi (undated)

Transcript of Daniel Farson interviewing William Burroughs and Trocchi for "Something to Say" television program, 20 pages

Originally housed in a blue folder marked "Trocchi"

Unmarked brown folder (Drugs)

 File — Box: 29, Folder: 8

3 page typescript [carbon], "to modern pharmacology. Moreover, they share an intense personal interest..." on drugs with return note

Originally housed in an unmarked brown folder

Unmarked green envelope

 File — Box: 29, Folder: 9
Description 3 page typescript, “Once there was a lady who became so ill…”3 page typescript [carbon], “The question about the psychiatrist is nagging…”19 page typescript and typescript [carbon], Corpus Christi by Lyn Trocchi1 page typescript [photocopy], The Sandal Maker [poem]Beida to Trocchi, Lyn. Autograph letter signed, 3 pages. UndatedPencil drawing of a horseInvoice from H.J. Hough Ltd, 1972...


 File — Box: 29, Folder: 10
Description 1 page typescript [carbon], “wot is your 10 typescript [carbon], “I'm running a business”1 page typescript [carbon], “Applause. The pigs were clapping.”1 page typescript, “it was when a news item suggested a most unusual train of thought...”1 page typescript [carbon], “a billion dollar business...”1 page typescript [carbon], “As the wounds of Naaman are red wounds...”...

Wadhawan (Film)

 File — Box: 29, Folder: 11

4 page autograph notes, possible film concept

Polytechnic Film booklet

Originally housed in a brown folder marked "Wadhawan (Film)"