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Box 26


Contains 11 Results:

Series 2, Sub-series 6: Miscellaneous Manuscripts and Notes

 Sub-Series — Multiple Containers

Miscellaneous manuscripts and notes consists of manuscript and note fragments often arranged by Trocchi and may include additional materials beyond manuscripts and notes. Attempts have been made to maintain Trocchi's original order and folder titles if known. Folders are arranged alphabetically by title or topic

Denshawi Incident

 File — Box: 26, Folder: 2
Description Typescript notes concerning the Denshawi Incident in Egypt in 1906, 25 pages. Also includes typed letter signed from Pamela Woodcock-White to Trocchi, 1 page (1983 November 18); typed letter [carbon] from Trocchi to Woodcock-White, 1 page (1983 December 2); autograph notecard; typed letter signed from Trocchi to the Danish Embassy (1984 February 24); North Thames Gas bill; and British Telecom phone bill. Originally housed in a green envelope marked "Immediate...

Green folder

 File — Box: 26, Folder: 4
Description 1 page, typescript [carbon], “This book will corrupt” [The Long Book]1 page, typescript [carbon], “April in London and I was trying to remember Browning’s words”1 page, typescript [carbon], “It seems as though an era is in the process…”1 page, typescript [carbon], “regarded it as a semi-detached bungalow…”1 page, typescript, “Beyond the clear plastic sphere they tilt like kites”1 page, typescript, “The...

Incomplete Prose and Stories

 File — Box: 26, Folder: 5

16 pages of autograph mauscripts filed by Trocchi as "odd pages of various writings. other parts to be found and when complete filed"

11 pages of autograph and typescripts mainly literary work filed by Trocchi as "parts of letters - other halfs to be found and then filed"

Originally housed in a brown file marked "Incomplete Prose and Stories"

Jack Robertson

 File — Box: 26, Folder: 6
Description 3 pages, typescript with autograph alterations, A Sentimental Journey3 pages, typescript and typescript [carbon] "I should like to speak of the ecstacy of intelligence..." [The Long Book] and "The Death of Alf Robertson..."2 pages, typescript, "He had become quite blase about it all"1 page, autograph notes scribbled over the margins of page 5 of New Society, 1965 December 2Originally housed...

The Junky Opera by Trocchi

 File — Box: 26, Folder: 7

Kraus Reprint

 File — Box: 26, Folder: 8

3 page autograph, “A Long Long Way to Guadalajara,” notes for story on Arthur Cravan

1 page autograph, “Tous les amateurs d'absinthe...”

1 page autograph, 4 notes by Trocchi, January 1980

Originally housed in a red folder marked “Kraus Reprint”

Literary Activity

 File — Box: 26, Folder: 9
Description 8 page typescript, “A Wee Gorbals' Monologue”28 page typescript [carbon], “In his fortieth year, according to the most exact sigmal informations, Joseph Necchi, alias the sexistential...,” from The Long Bookpage 12-15 typescript [carbon], Chapter 2 of “Jackie Salamander”1 page typescript, “Journey to the Centre of the Flesh”3 page typescript, “Course it caused a scandal...” attached to 8...

Misc. Notes etc

 File — Multiple Containers
Description Over 60 typescript pages of notes and prose work of which single pages or a few pages exist, much has autograph manuscript additions and a large quantity of the material would appear to be connected to The Long Book10 pages of autograph miscellaneous notes, poems and prose1 page print (monotype)14 pages of typescripts, miscellaneous writing on Sigmatic matters19 pages of miscellaneous...