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Box 20


Contains 5 Results:

Series 2, Sub-series 5: Journals and Notebooks

 Sub-Series — Multiple Containers

Journals and Notebooks consists of Trocchi's journal and notebooks with autograph enteries by Trocchi, arrranged chronologically by the first date noted in each journal if known

Includes, “How I came to want to Get Off,” “That man is most free who is capable still of choosing to act counter to his most cherished beliefs...,” “Opium: Notes,” 6 page typescript “Now it is a game I am going to play...these words are written to kill...” with autograph alterations, “Meanwhile whatever the cause...” [on the setting up of International Cultural Enterprises Ltd, a sigmatic centre in London], “In the Mohave desert...,” “Cosmological Blueprint,” “On Censorship,” “Pensees, en plus,” “The Cosmological Circular,” “Mr Trocchi calls his artefact...” [on the setting up of Sigma...”Mr Alexander Trocchi is presently in London where he is contemplating the establishment of a sigma situation...”], “What is Sigma,” “Sigma, notes towards the tactical revaluation,” transcript of conversation between Trocchi and R.D. Laing, “Notes for the pornographer,” and more. Loosely inserted: typed note covered with autograph additions [missing]; “Letter For Girodias” [missing]; 8 page pamphlet “Peter Russell Publications;” 4 page prospectus for Peter Russell's “The Golden Chain;” and envelope to Trocchi from The Village Voice, circa 1962-1970

 File — Multiple Containers

Autograph, 143 pages. 9.25 x 13.25" Peg-bound book with painted cover Trocchi and labled on spine "International Cultural Enterprises"

Includes autograph notations, drafts of poems, etc., circa 1965

 File — Box: 20, Folder: 5

Autograph, 178 pages. 5.25 x 12.75" Bound with red covers