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Simon King

 File — Box: 50, Folder: 7

7 page typescript, Comfort at Trocchi’s

3 page typescript [carbon], My King by Henri Michaux and translated by Michael Fineberg

8 page typescript, The Interlude by Kestas Axeles and translated by Philip Cohen and Donald Nicholson-Smith

8 page typescript, COllecTiOne lyNn

1 autograph, “I remember a warmness in the air” [poem]

1 page autograph, “That my last” [poem]

4 page autograph, “The hospital was on the Isle of Man…” by Lyn Trocchi

1 page autograph, “Poor soul” [poem]

1 page typescript, “Oh baby, I wish I could stay.”

2 page typescript, Experience under LSD25 by Lyn Trocchi

2 page typescript, “Tonite I begin my diary.”

1 page typescript, “The man who grows bigger than the rest…”

2 page typescript, “Instructor. So impregnated with messages.” [play] by Jane Langhaus, 1947 April 18

1 page typescript, “Always looking, always looking, always looking…”

1 page typescript, “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.” by Trocchi

1 page typescript, “o I am afraid!”

2 page typescript, “Sydney: Don’t speak to me of equality, please.” [play]

1 page typescript [carbon], The Uncommon Man [poem] by Lyn Trocchi

1 page typescript, Open Letter to Messers. Hilton, Goldwyn, Eisenhower, Etc. [poem]

1 page typescript, We Know How [poem]

1 page typescript, “A paper inserted in the typewriter…”

1 page typescript, “That was a blank time, with all the laughter planned” [poem]

1 page typescript, “Beckett’s Endgame is a the Cherry Land, but we…” [letter fragment]

Originally housed in a red folder marked “Simon King”

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Part of the Manuscripts Collecting Area

Joel Minor
Olin Library, 1 Brookings Drive
MSC 1061-141-B
St. Louis MO 63130 US
(314) 935-5495